Our Story

Hello and welcome! If you found this, it was probably because you went down a web-based rabbit hole and landed here. However you got here….welcome. đź™‚

So it seems I am on a journey, It’s weird- it seems like the universe is directing me and kind of pulling me in a new direction.

You can call it God, or intuition, or whatever but I believe we are all energy and that energy is connected to everything (think Jedi and the “force”) so whatever you want to call it, I truly believe it is sending me on a path.

I have always been a bit of a hippie soul –I believe in positive happy thoughts and vibes and I believe we should all  take care of the planet and the people on it.

I have always had a free soul and the idea of not worrying too much about the past or present, but just kind of trying to live for the day.

I never had a “career path” or “life plan”.  I don’t believe that people should work all day and night, and I don’t buy into the whole 8-5 lifestyle…never have, never will. 

I did go to college but it was much later than most (25 years old) and after I started my own business as a graphic designer. I have had normal jobs in the past that were 8-5 but for the most part I have been an entrepreneur…first with my graphic design, then with personal training and having a fitness boot camp. 

In the past I have always bought in to the personal development books and podcasts and truly believed that you should push yourself every day to reach new goals and get uncomfortable (that’s where the “magic” happens, right?).

I mean, that’s what we are told….again and again….that you should hustle, push, wake up early and work, learn new skills, set big, scary goals, etc. 

While I do think some of that is true, I find that it’s all sort of a distraction.  A distraction from what really matters…..working on the inside and your consciousness and your soul.

I  believe that whatever this world is, we are in it and we need to make the most of it.

I believe we need to get rid of the distractions and quiet our minds, open our hearts and see the world for what it truly is…an awesome place that you can make your own with your thoughts, ideas and intentions.

So that is why I have decided to ditch the normal 8-5 world, grab my dog, travel around a bit and just live. 

I would love for you to follow my blog and journey. Even better, if you are on your journey too, make sure to comment and such so we can do this together!

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