Introducing Scout (and the Cool Little Signs that Led Me to Her)

So, I adopted a dog.

Yep, sure did. I named her Scout and was able to bring her home yesterday, and I think she’s going to be amazing.

Now, before I continue with this story, I have to say I was worried that people would think it was too soon for a new dog.

I know everyone grieves and processes it all differently, but I was worried that people would think it was too soon and that I must not have loved Zero that much if I was already able to get another dog.

I didn’t want me getting a new dog to diminish (in other people’s eyes) the bond Zero and I have and will always have or make that bond seem not as special as it is.

Then I thought, “that’s right, our bond IS special… screw everyone else, Z and I know what kinda bond we had and will always have, that’s between me and Z…who cares what people think… Z and I know what’s up”.

So, even though I thought other people may not understand, I felt at peace and okay with starting the process of looking for my next four-legged buddy.

Now, with that being said, I still didn’t expect to find my next dog this soon.

I figured I would go to the shelter and just see how it all felt, check out some dogs, and just kinda begin the process. I expected it would take many trips to the shelter before I would actually meet my next dog that would be “the one”.

I even told my mom and kiddo right before we went to the shelter that I was 99.999% sure that I was not getting a dog that day.

I told them that I really wasn’t expecting or looking to find a dog that day and it would have to be some crazy instant bond to make me change my mind, and that I was open to that, but not expecting it.

And I was fine with that. I wasn’t going and secretly hoping to find one or that I would feel disappointed if I didn’t go home with one. Like I really was totally okay with still not having a dog.

So, we roll up to the shelter and and get out. This is where we got Z so I didn’t know if it would feel weird. (We also found my son’s dog, Kyla, here a couple of years ago so I think that helped.) It didn’t feel sad or bad at all.

We walked inside and saw some cute little puppies. Kinda knew in my head I didn’t want a puppy puppy…maybe more like 1-2 yrs-old is what I was thinking.

I mean, sure puppies are cute, but whenever I would even entertain the idea of a new dog, I couldn’t see me with a puppy.

In fact, whenever I would talk about the possibility of getting a new dog, I would see in my head (kinda like how you see a dream) a face of a dog and it was black and white. I couldn’t see the rest of the body, but it was like a close up of a black and white face dog.

I even told my mom a few days prior that I had that image and that I don’t know if it means anything or not, but that’s what pops up in my head.

So… we are walking around on the outside pens part and we see a lot of cute dogs. Some even with black and white faces and they are cute but don’t really call me.

Then I see the one that shall be named Scout.

Scout our new dog

I crouch down to pet her (as much as you can through the kennel) and I am really taken aback.

I look up at my mom and said..”uhhh, remember when I told you about the black and white head I would see? Well, ummmm… this is what it looked I think this is it“.

I know it sounds crazy, but I really felt she was the one I saw in my head.

So, we actually keep walking a bit and see other dogs but in my mind I am thinking about her. I am also thinking that I can’t go back and see her more because I’m not really here to get a dog, just start the process. If I go and see her more, that makes it a real possibility that I might actually get her.

So we are getting ready to leave and I ask my mom and kiddo if they would mind helping me find that little black and white face dog before we go. I couldn’t get her face outta my head. Something was telling me I just needed to see her.

We find her outside again so we know what pen she is in. We head inside so we can see her info card.

We find her info card and first thing…she’s a female. Perfect. (I am not opposed to boy dogs, just seem to prefer females).

Next was age: 2 years old. Perfect I wanted one young enough to teach, but not young like puppy.

Then it came to breed and it said: Australian Cattle Dog

…and I started tearing up because Zero was a type of Australian herding dog and this one is a type of Australian herding dog and I don’t know why, but I instantly felt this was a sign from Z.

Like I knew Zero would help guide me to my next dog and I felt like this was her way of saying,”okay mom.. pay attention…. this is the one”.

It just really felt like the universe was leading me to her and I couldn’t NOT get her… like whether I was ready or not, here she is.

We couldn’t get her out of her kennel until 1:49pm (she hadn’t been there long and I guess the shelter waits like three days before the dog can be up for adoption) It was just noon.

We went back at 1:49 and I was able to then get her out, play with her and see how we meshed.

I knew she was the one.

She’s happy, energetic and has a spark in her eye like Z had that says “teach me things, show me things, I’m ready!”

I know Z approves and will be a good spirit big sis. I am excited about teaching Scout new things and getting outside and exploring with her.

I’m glad I was open when I went to the shelter. I really feel like the universe was leading me to her. From the image I had in my head, to the sex and age being on point, to the breed that is a relation to Z…. just seems like Scout was meant to be in our little family.

Rescue dog Scout

So, welcome home, Scout. Even though I really wasn’t expecting you this soon, I promise to take care of you and just like with Z, to make sure every day you know you are loved.

And if you see a black spirit dog hanging out once in a while, don’t worry, it’s just your big sis, Z, making sure we’re all good. ❤️

Welcome home, Scout.

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