Hot Weather, Creative Flow and Edible Cars

Hey guys!

I’ve had some messages asking when Zero and I are going to be heading out for our next adventure so figured I’d do a little update post.

So while I am not sure about the date of our next trip, there are three things I do know…

1. I do know the places I want to go (New Mexico, Arizona, the deserty west…etc) are still pretty hot…and neither Zero nor myself likes the super hot.

We almost headed out to Missouri because I found some cooler temp places that way, but, I was only going because I felt like I had to since I had been in Waco for a while. I didn’t really want to go.

I realized when we were in the Ozarks in Arkansas that, while I like the forest and trees, and it’s pretty, it just doesn’t “call me”.

I guess it’s like the ocean for some people and how they feel so at peace next to it; I feel that peace in the deserty kinda places and that’s where I want to go. 😀

2. I do know that I’ve really been enjoying working on my business and making things for my Etsy shop and website.

I’ve made some cool connections with businesses and other artists in town and have been been in a groovy kind of creative flow so I’m just enjoying the ride. 😀

My latest piece, “Western Sky”

3. I do know that I’ve really enjoyed being able to see my kid several times a week. I’ve been able to get lots of Dylan hugs and that just makes my heart happy. ❤️

[Side Note: he works at a car place and I have been dubbed by the guys who work there, “Shop Mom”, So last week I made them a platter of edible car treats that I made from things like twinkies (car body), marshmallows (tires), Skittles (headlights), etc. Not only that but totally made a racetrack they could race the cars around before they ate them. Yep, sure did.

Took it all up to the shop and Dylan just shook his head and was like, “yeah… that’s my mom… that’s what she does…” Lol. It’s good to be in town 😀]

They actually hung the racetrack up on their break room door….

And yes, I’m aware I’m a dork 😀

Now with all that being said, trust me – Z and I are super ready to head someplace again soon…just not sure of the exact date.

In the meantime, we are just chilling, living life and making the most of every day.

Because that’s what life is all about.

Cheers ✌️

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