Learning to Fly

(Yes, my last post was inspired by music too – what can I say, I love my tunes). ————–

So I was listening to Pandora and “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty came on. I’ve always been a fan of Petty and was lucky enough to see him live twice. #sogood. There’s just something about his songs and lyrics that you can’t help but connect to.

But something happened when I heard this song this last time. I started thinking about the lyrics in a different way. (Think that’s what’s so cool about songs, art, poetry, etc… the way you interrupt them is based a lot on your experiences and current situations.)

So there I was, singing at the top of my lungs along with Petty (luckily nobody was around because-trust me-nobody wants to hear that!) and I had a moment of, “wait a minute- I’M learning to fly right now“.

Let me explain.

When I decided to change the direction of my life from a “normal” 8-5 life to a life that I can focus on travel, my passions, nature, etc, it was scary…exciting, but scary.

I didn’t (and still don’t) know how this is going to all end up.

What I do know is that my life is changing in how my days look, what I focus on and give importance to, how I spend my time, and I’m learning how to navigate this change… I’m learning to fly.

I’m learning how to make this life happen. I’m learning to go with the flow, ride the wind and see where else this journey takes me.

Learning to fly quote

I think in life, sometimes it’s good to just leap and “go for it” even if whatever it is isn’t mapped out completely.

I think sometimes you just have to “go for it” and navigate through it as you go along.

I think that’s how you learn…how you grow…and how you fly.


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