Zero’s “Test Trip” to Arkansas

Hey all! Zero and I are back from her “test trip” of “let’s see how your leg holds up and how you feel overall”.

Happy to say, it was a success!

So, as I mentioned before, the trip prior to this when we explored New Mexico, Z’s leg was bothering her a lot near the end. So much that she wasn’t even hardly using it at one point. Yeah- freaked me out enough to call our trip short and head back to Texas where she could get good rest and be close to her vet (if needed).

I was really worried that maybe she is getting too old to travel like this and we may have to either stop or at the least, slow way down. Of course I would be disappointed, but she’s my baby girl and her health and happiness come first.

So, chilling in Waco after New Mexico, and letting her rest and recover a while, I figured it was time for a “test trip”.

Our last trip we we traveled a lot so I knew I wanted to try a trip where we just travel to one place and then stay at that one location until we travel back.

That place was Lakeview, Arkansas. Not even sure how I came across it but it had some good things going for it:

  • It was only about nine hours away from Waco (so just one day of travel)
  • the temperatures were pretty nice and cool
  • it looked super pretty (and it was!)

Lakeview Arkansas

So we packed up and off we went. Z was bright-eyed and ready to go which made me extremely happy.

I decided that, even though her leg had been fine, I was still going to pick her up to put her in and take her out of the car rather than have her jumping in and out. I mean, she is fourteen so thought it was just time we start that. She seemed annoyed by this idea (each time she gave me a look like,” really mom? I can totally do this by myself!”) but she dealt with it…because she’s awesome like that.

The drive there she was her normal self and settled into her travel routine which consists of looking out the window for a bit, then finally laying down only to stand back up and investigate any time the car slows down or Siri announces a new direction to take.

Dog car ride

She got super excited about an hour away from our campground and started barking her excited bark.

It was like she knew we were close. How she knew I do not know unless now she can understand Siri and directions.

(Side note: Her first bark scared the hell out of me cause she can bark with some volume. I was just driving through the Ozarks, all focused on the crazy twisty, curvy road kinda in a trance and then all of a sudden,”BARK!! BARK!!”…yeah, glad I didn’t swerve and drive us off the side of the mountain. )

We got to the campground and I ignored her annoyed look as I picked her up and got her out of the car (all the while explaining to her, yet again, why I was picking her up and not letting her jump out).

I put her on her long line and she instantly started walking around and exploring.

I unpacked, put Murphy (our tent) up and got settled. She watched and followed me back and forth to the car while taking small breaks to explore the campsite on her own.

I grabbed her leash and we went for a little walk to see what was what.

She was happy and excited. Her tail wagging and her nose in the grass. It was a short walk; just enough to explore our surroundings a bit then back to our new home for dinner.

Lakeview Arkansas

We ate and chilled, then went on another short walk before bed. Once again, she was bright-eyed and bushy tailed ready to go.

This made me happy.

This is kinda what we did over the next few days.

Lakeview Arkansas

We took frequent shorter walks instead of super long hikes multiple times a day like we did in New Mexico.

And she did great.

Every time we went for a walk, she was ready. She was energetic and trotting in front of me each time….even charged a tree and tried to climb up to catch the squirrel she had been watching.

It was such a dramatic change from New Mexico. That last trip, she was walking behind me and just dragging. Poor thing was just exhausted.

I forget that she is fourteen because she really never acts it. After New Mexico it really hit me that, while she still acts a fool, jumps around and acts silly, she is fourteen and I need to be more conscious of that at times.

So, I am happy to say she is doing great. Her legs are doing great. Even after being there a few days, she still had energy to spare.

Now I know we can continue to travel and experience all these new places, sights and things together, side by side, as a team and best friends.

And that makes my world happy.


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