Sandra Bullock Can Have the Blindfold- I’m Taking Mine Off

Hey friends! Happy New Year! Happy brand new day of 2019! ❤️

With the new year and all of the talk of New resolutions, I came to a starting conclusion the other day and wanted to share…

I have been disconnected lately. Disconnected from what? The universe, the magic that is our consciousness and all the awe that goes along with it.

Before, I was feeling so connected to the universe. Why? Because since starting this whole journey of “tuning out so I can tune in”, I have been able to really focus on nature, my passions, intentions, and my hobbies, etc.

I have been able to expand my mind and study daily about all the things I am fascinated with such as quantum physics, reality, religion, dimensions, etc.

I have been able to be creative each and every day by making jewelry, painting, etc.

I have been able to get out in nature with Zero as much as I want.

I have been able to live my day on my time and not have a boss/ job dictate my time.

Because of all of these things, I was able to really connect with my consciousness, the universe, and all that exists in this crazy reality.

In all my life I can honestly say I had never felt more connected.

I felt like I knew the universe had my back 100%. I felt a new sense of awe and a heightened sense of gratefulness. I felt like I could really see all the magic the universe has to offer.

And then came putting out the fires…

When I first talked about being at my mom’s, it was because my son had an accident on his motorcycle and we were trying to fight the guy who ran him off the road. So, I stayed here in town to help him with all of that.

Well, that led to him then finding a new house to move into (so I then focused on finding him options since he works 60 hours/ week), which then led to his 21st birthday, which led to Christmas which finally led to him getting a car about a week ago that broke down after having it literally a day and a half (yeah, this kid can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to transportation).

Anyway, my point in telling you all of that is that I didn’t even really realize it as it was happening, but in focusing on those “fires” and living in such “reactive mode”, I was slowly but surely loosing that connection with the universe.

I didn’t even really realize it until all the talk of New Years resolutions started to come up which made me think how I wanted my 2019 year to look like.

Once I realized it, I was really kind of in shock how easily we can get pulled back into this world of “auto pilot” and just being reactive and kind of having a blindfold on to all that the amazing universe has to offer.

I feel like it’s sort of like the movie Bird Box; when everyone who has “seen” whatever the creatures are say “how beautiful it is” and that it’s “so amazing.”

I feel like we, in general, go through life with a blindfold on to the awe that is truly all around us. I feel like before, when I felt connected, my blindfold was off and I could really see. (Of course, in my example once you see, you don’t turn into a suicidal maniac like in the movie).

To me, it’s like there are two realities – one that is sort of “preprogrammed ” and it’s what we see on the surface. It’s shallow and we take it at face value. It’s what we react to- what we don’t think about- it’s kind of like an autopilot reality.

Then there is the amazing layer behind that one…underneath it. The one that is full of magic and awe. The one that you can sort of bend and shape. The one that gives you signs and an amazing level of gratefulness.

And it’s the one that (as I have learned) can slip away unless you actively pursue it.

So my New Years resolution is to spend each day making sure my blindfold is off. Practicing things that I know get me closer to that awesome magic of the universe. Ensuring each day that I am living in the now and being grateful for every minute of it. Living my day with love and awe in my heart for this amazing universe we live in.

I have seen all that there is without the blindfold and I don’t want to ever put that thing on again.

On a side note: I do have plan on blogging more again. Unfortunately it’s one of the things that kinda fell by the wayside as I was living “reactively”. I find that blogging really helps me sort out my thoughts. Since I am trying to explain my thoughts in a way they make sense to others, it helps me make more sense of them to myself.

I’d love to know if there’s anything you plan on focusing on this year. Leave a comment and share 😀

Cheers to a great new year! ✌️

7 thoughts on “Sandra Bullock Can Have the Blindfold- I’m Taking Mine Off

  1. WendyMegget

    Funny, because the end of my 2018 went all crazy too and I landed face first in a screaming heap in 2019 and realised I had no plan, no goals, and I had been so absorbed by goings-on that I had forgotten to clear the decks for a fresh start. But instead of beating up on myself (what I usually do), I just picked myself up, dusted myself off and got on with things (not what I usually do, as a master procrastinator). Goals are big and complicated this year after years of illness. I’m going bold! I’m taking down the blocks and working towards anything and everything the universe wants to give me. This year, I really am going to be “positively dangerous”! I hope you have an awesome year, and I hope you blog more, as I really enjoy them!


    1. Hey and thanks for the comment! I love so many things about this- I love how you didn’t beat yourself up , but just picked yourself up (so hard to do sometimes)…I love that you are “going bold” and not letting anything stand in your way…I love that you have big goals and I love the determination you are showing! I have no doubt you will kick 2019 @$$!!!! And thanks for the sweet words about me blogging more- totally made my day more than you know! Here’s to a great day, great week and an even better year! 😀✌️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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