How Apache, Wicca, and Quantum Physics Led Me to God

What is God

I have to say I have been on a journey of trying to find out what I believe (as far as religion) for a long time. It always seemed to me that if you believed one religion, by default, you couldn’t believe in or follow another.

This was always tough because there’s so many beliefs in the world and I really felt I couldn’t chose just “one way”.

Then I just kinda realized, I don’t have to. Who says it has to be all or nothing? Most religions borrowed other holidays/ gods from previous religions anyway, so why couldn’t I pick and choose and come up with my own truths? So, that’s what I did. And, for the first time in my life, I actually have a belief that I feel certain about.

Apache Truth

So a while back I was reading about the Apache beliefs and something really resonated with me. One of the beliefs is that everything has energy and that the energy is neither good or bad; it’s how the energy is used that makes it good or bad.

This idea is something that I can believe in one-hundred percent. I seldom come across ideas/beliefs that I can say, “yes. this is a truth”, and this was one of them. To me, this is like a no-brainer…to me, it just makes sense.

So after learning about the Apache, I dove into other religions/beliefs that focused more on nature and the earth and that led me to eventually learning about Wicca.

Wicca Truth

So, with Wicca, it’s all about nature and the elements and tapping into “that energy” that is in everything. I love that idea and it goes right along with my Apache “truth”.

An important Wiccan symbol is the pentagram (it’s not satanic, people…calm down) and the points are for: earth, fire, water, air, and spirit.

Okay, I can dig on all of that but to me, it is “consciousness ” rather than “spirit”. I guess , to some, those two words could be interchanged but to me, consciousness is the epitome of spirit…like you can’t go any deeper to what we are than that.

So I took from Wicca the idea of the tapping into the elements and the consciousness and how it all ties into being part of that great energy that makes up all things.

This got me thinking more about the consciousness and reality which led me to revisit something I learned a while back…the double slit experiment.

Quantum Physics/Reality Truth

For those of you who don’t know about the Double Slit Experiment, let me sum it up for ya.. (if you have time check out this video)

Basically, in a nutshell:

When scientists sent electrons through two slits and watched them, they acted as expected; as particles. When scientists sent electrons through two slits and did not watch them, the particles changed and acted as waves, not particles.

This experiment has been done again and again with the same results and scientists do not know why the particles act like waves when not watched or measured.

This, along with other research, is leading to the theory that reality as we know it does not exist unless there is a consciousness there to observe it.

Let me repeat that. Science is learning that reality as we know it does not exist unless there is a consciousness there to observe it.

Let that just sink in a minute.

Is your mind blown yet?

There are theories that propose reality doesn’t “just already exist” and we just process it. But rather, reality only exists because we are processing it.

Yeah…I know…crazy, right? Man quantum physics is cool.

(And by the way, scientists are baffled by our consciousness. They don’t know what it is, how to define it, how we have it, etc).

My Truths

So if reality doesn’t exist without our consciousness there to observe it, our consciousness – our energy- our essence of what we are, is …god.

I don’t mean god in the Christian sense. This god -this energy- is too big to be labeled in one religion or another. It’s the energy that is the life force in everything.

It’s what we are all tied to and connected with but the distractions of the material world disconnect us from.

Now where this great energy comes from, I don’t know…that a whole other mystery to dive into. Right now, all I know is that, to me, I have found some truths:

  • Energy is in everything
  • It’s neither good or bad-it’s just energy
  • Our consciousnesses is key to our reality
  • Our consciousness is a direct link to that “greater energy”, or “god”

I’m still on this journey and my views may change, but right now I can finally “get behind” something that makes sense to me.


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