Reality is Fake

So it’s now 2:46am. I tend to wake up early most days (between 3:00-4:00am) but for some reason kinda “shot” outta bed this morning at like 2:00am. I grabbed my journal (after making myself a cup of coffee) and started writing. It was meant to just be one line: “blog post idea: reality is fake”. Instead it ended up being three pages in my journal.

So, instead of having the idea and writing the post later, I thought why not just write it now. So, here it goes…

So, like the title says, I do believe our reality is fake. Now does that mean I think we live in a matrix? No. Well, maybe. I mean, Elon Musk thinks it’s possible and he’s like, well, Elon Musk…but that’s a whole other post for another day.

What I mean here is that our reality, this reality…the one that has the big box stores, and the need for the latest iPhone, and the one that makes you terrified to get the flu so you get who knows what injected into you, the one that pushes advertising on you again and again, the one that sells YOU to big companies so they can target you in their next campaign to sell some random item you don’t even need…that one…is so processed and fabricated, and …fake…and we just accept it.

We are taught at a very early age not to question. In school we are taught to memorize facts for standardized tests, not to think, or question, or wonder. In fact, often, if you question too much or have excess energy, you will be given pills to make sure you step back “in line”. Instead of harnessing or exploring that energy or creativity and seeing what cool things could come from it, we just shut it down.

Of course, that’s not all we have pills for. We have a pill for any and everything nowadays. And people just take them. They don’t question, they don’t wonder, they simply do what they are told because the “doctor” said this would be best.

And these fake man made pills many times have side effects worse than the original problem. And, many times, there is a natural cure/remedy that would work just as well, if not better. But, in this reality, pills are better because that’s what we are told.

I mean, look at weed. It’s actually better for you in so many ways than alcohol. Yet, mention you like to smoke, or even if you don’t but you think it’s okay, and people instantly look at you like a criminal. (Luckily this is starting to change). But, you can post all you want about the wine you drink or how you need a glass, etc and it’s funny.. .it’s actually “trendy” right now. There’s “Wine Wednesday” and “Wine Mommy” clubs, etc.

The belief that weed is bad but wine is okay is a belief that other people have made for you. Back in the day, if the government had kept alcohol illegal and made weed legal, your thoughts on the subject would be totally different. Instead of “Wine Wednesday “, you’d see posts about “Weed Wednesday “, and it would be totally acceptable.

Our “reality” would be different.

Our reality of passwords, credit scores, interest rates, mortgages, PIN numbers, automatic bill pay, linked accounts, etc. has built a web of ties that are really, really hard to break out of. Everything is linked. Change a password over here and you have to verify over there. Debit card about to expire? Make sure you renew it on all the accounts that are linked to it.

We have to “create an account” for almost everything these days. Always logging in…always giving personal info..always being tracked so we can be “sold” to the advertisers so they know what to tell us what we want next.

We have become so disconnected from the reality of life..actual life. We don’t ever think about the animal we are eating or give thanks to it for dying for us, we just roll up in our huge SUV and order stuff that isn’t even hardly food at all. It’s fake…processed…pretend food.

We have to make up words like “earthing” to get us to walk outside barefoot. We have to research and write articles to convince people of the benefits of being in nature and the positive effects it has on the body.

We already know that nature makes us feel better…when you walk in the woods, your soul can feel it. We have just gotten so detached from thinking for ourselves, we don’t pay attention to things until it’s told to us in an article or on tv.

The routine of “normal” American life -getting up before the sun and then working inside all day to then go home , eat, sleep and repeat for five days- has been told to us. What we should strive for in life has been told to us. What we want for Christmas has been told to us. What we should eat has been told to us. Why we need the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, etc has been told to us.

And they keep us so busy and so distracted with this the fake, “produced” reality that we never have time to explore the reality that the consciousness feels. We never “have time” to pursue our hobbies or gifts because that is looked at as “wasting time”. I mean, why would you “waste time” contemplating the universe, doing yoga, meditating, painting, etc when you could get a second job with that time and finally afford that bigger house!

Like, we need to start questioning. Question everything. See what perspective you see things from once you start. Maybe you will think this is all perfect the way it is, and if so, that’s cool. Or, maybe, you’ll be able to look at it as an “outsider” or “bystander” and kinda see some of things for what they really are…just someone else’s ideas that that have literally shaped your reality.

This really is, your reality. Don’t let someone else make it theirs.



6 thoughts on “Reality is Fake

  1. Conni

    Hello! I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I feel like I could have written this post, too. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to hear things like this. They brush it off. That’s why it’s so important to write about it and get it out there!! Thanks for the thoughtful words. Conni x


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