Why I Was Losing Touch With This Whole Nomad Journey

So, being in the fitness industry for many, many years, I learned one main thing; when a potential client comes in and tells you they want to lose weight and/or get healthy, you always ask them their “why”. At first they will say things like ,”I want to look or feel better” or “I want to be a size smaller”. Even though those are great answers, it’s not enough and the questions continue.

The point in that is to get down to the emotional level and have them really connect with their goal and find their real “why”. Once you start digging, you might find out that they lack confidence with the way they look and they want to feel more comfortable in social settings, or they want to be able to play with their kids longer and that would make them feel like a better mom or dad…both reasons are so much deeper than “I want to lose weight”.

This whole process of finding the real “why” is to make sure they are really connected to that goal and help keep them motivated if they start steering off course. It’s great to have goals, but when you can connect to the “why” behind the goal, you have a deeper reason to stay on course.


So lately I have been feeling not as connected to my goal and journey as I was. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still on course, excited, and totally know I’m doing the right thing, but I feel I kinda lost the whole deeper meaning of it all…I lost my “why”.

The whole, deep, cosmic reason I am attempting all of this is because I truly feel there is much more to this life than what we have kinda settled for or accepted. Now, I have said in the past and I’ll say it again ; if you enjoy the 9-5 world, that is awesome. some people want to climb that corporate ladder and enjoy the big salary that goes with it, and that is 100% totally cool. “To each his own” is my motto. But for me, right now, that is not my path.

My “why” when I started thinking of this whole idea was to live a life that was not filled with timelines, distractions, and schedules, etc. I want to live as simply and as freeing as I can. I want to tune in to nature and the world around me and live a life of a deeper knowledge (I know, I’m starting to sound all hippie/new age…LOL…but it’s true).

So, even though I know my goals and my ” why”, I haven’t been feeling as connected to it, so of course I had to do some soul searching to try and figure out what was going on. I realized I still feel all those same things, but a couple of things were going on that were breaking the connection.

First, it’s hot outside. I mean, it’s super hot…like a couple of weeks ago it was literally 114 degrees…that’s just crazy. Because it’s so freaking hot, Zero and I have not been getting out in nature very much at all. Before, when it wasn’t like Hell outside, we would be outside all the time…taking walks, laying in the sunshine…whatever…we’d feel the sun rays and fresh air and feel so connected to the world around us. Now, we stay inside places with artificial light and artificial air. We have gotten to where we are inside a car or building 99% of the day. My grandpa always said that this was the only place you get cabin fever in the summer!

The other big reason I have been less connected to to my “why” is because of all the freaking distractions. Going from one roadblock to another, trying to figure everything out, making sure I have everything I need, figuring out money and how to earn it (luckily I make a little from this blog, yay…so make sure to hit that “Like” button under this post…lol #forRealTho), not to mention just daily life…this world has a such great way of keeping you so busy you don’t have time to question, contemplate, or wonder. Instead, it keeps you hopping from one task to another and I totally jumped on board that distraction train. Yep, sure did.

Being able to kinda ‘step back’ and look at all these things has really helped me understand what the heck was going on. Now, I feel so super connected again to my ” why” and it feels amazing. I’m sure there will be times in the future that I get off course mentally and have to rein myself back in, but it’s all a learning process…a journey…and that’s what life should be all about.

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