Dante Got New Shoes!

I’m so freaking excited!! Dante got new shoes! So, as you may remember, when I had my flat tire repaired they informed me that I need four all new tires…like in a bad way. …that the shoes Dante had would not even pass an inspection. #whoa. I’m not going to lie; when I first heard the news I was pretty bummed. It seemed like yet one more unexpected and added expense for me to figure out. #grrrr

I knew it would all work out, but after having a flat (and fixing it myself..yay me!), having to take Z to the vet cause she was acting kinda jinky, and my laptop acting like a fool and shutting down randomly, it was one of those moments when your first thought is, ” seriously, universe”? But then that thought changed to “thank goodness I am finding this out now and not while I’m actually OUT on the road” #brightside. So, as the universe does, it all came together and today Dante is sporting some brand new shoes!


it’s kinda a big deal because to me this represents a sort of milestone in preparation for this journey. it’s like, “holy crap, now Dante is ready and safe and good to go.  This roadblock is no longer an issue.”  It’s happening! I guess I felt like since I knew I couldn’t leave until this was taken care of, it was all sort of up in the air…kinda in “limbo” …but not anymore! Now I have a green light to go.

There are still super important things I need to do (like get my tent), but wheww, this is done! So now it’s time to really buckle down and finalize stuff for this crazy adventure we are taking.  But no matter how crazy it gets, at least I know Dante’s new shoes will help us stay safe in the process!

Thank you so much to Texas Star Tire and Auto Repair for sponsoring this post.


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