Might Just Have to Upgrade :)

So if you follow me, you may remember in my post “Why Your Bad Luck Could Be Essential”, I mentioned how my laptop is not doing so hot.  Nope, I think she’s kinda on her last leg.  Taking forever to start…and I do mean, forever! Then, once she gets going she is just so super slow. I feel like back in the days of dial up where you would click a link or different website and you would have to go make yourself a sandwich before coming back and finally seeing the screen change. Yeah, totally feeling like the year 1997 right now.

Well, with me going on this journey, I gotta have something that isn’t going to let me down while I’m on the road.  I also need something that has enough storage and powerful enough to handle anything I throw at it.  I would like to start doing videos in the future so something that can handle all the editing software and such is super important.

I have started looking  at different options and found the HP Envy x360 laptop. I really like this one for a lot of reasons. First, my current laptop is a HP and, while I joke about the current condition of it, it really has been awesome and I love it.  I have had this thing forever and it has been through a lot! So I already trust the HP brand.


Second, I love that it is full HD touch screen.  My current laptop is a touch screen, and although I don’t use the touch screen the majority of the time, it is a very nice feature to have (makes it really easy when you want to pause a movie on Netflix…lol). Now, with this HP Envy x360 I would totally get a stylus so I could also write on the screen and use that feature way more!


The third thing I really like about this laptop is that since it comes with Windows 10 and 8GB RAM, I know it can run all my and photo- and video-editing applications,and even have browser windows open…all at the same time! OMG it wold be a miracle! LOL  Imagine how much less time I would actually have to spend on the laptop waiting for it to do what it needs to…faster tasks on the laptop mean more hiking time for me and Z!

The last thing that really makes this cool is that it has the 360 degree flip-and-fold design so it can be in laptop, audience, tabletop, presentation and tablet modes.  I would probably just use the laptop and tablet mode but hey, I like options, so the more the better. 🙂


So, definitely a cool laptop with a ton of neat features. And like I said, since its a HP, that is a bonus for me.  If you are in desperate need of a new laptop like myself, or you just want to upgrade, you can get yours here. It comes in both 13″ and 15″. BONUS: Get it before Saturday, July 28th and save $100! #score

Disclaimer:  #ad This is a sponsored post by Best Buy. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on my personal view.

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