Why Your Bad Luck Could Be Essential

We’ve all heard it before… “when it rains it pours”. Sometimes life just seems to happen all at once with one setback or obstacle right after another. Not sure why it happens like that, but it does.  And, that’s what has been happening to me lately.

So let me explain a little whats going on and then I’ll tell you why it’s actually kinda cool….

In just the past couple of weeks, I have had things come up that I was not expecting or planning for. Things that are costing me money or making me spend the money I am trying to save for my journey. #grrr

First, my laptop.  I have had my laptop for a while now and love it. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s all I need and I am grateful to have it. Well, it seems for some reason it has decided to start acting glicthy. Yep. I turn it on and it just acts weird. Will need a new one asap. Wasn’t really planning on that because it had been running fine with absolutely no problems. It’s like it just woke up one day and was like, “yeah, I’m kinda done”. So there’s that.

Then, I had a flat tire. Yep. Sure did.  And I learned that my Roadside Assistance was no longer valid and that it was going to be $75 for them to come and change my tire. Well, I didn’t want to spend that (hello..trying to save money here!) so I figured out how to do it and I did it myself! Even wrote a post all about it you can find here. So, that was a “win” AND my flat was able to be repaired so that is a win for sure!

However, (and this is the next obstacle that came up) I was also informed at that time that I need new tires. Yep…all four are way not good and I need to get new ones asap. Great….more money that I don’t have for this….

Also, just realized my car registration is due next month so there is another expense.

Then, if you follow me on Instagram you saw the post about how Zero hadn’t been feeling well last week.  I had talked with my vet and told her everything that was going on and after asking more questions said for me to just watch Z and then call her back in the morning and update her and we can go from there.  The next morning Z seemed better so I decided not to take her in (yay…saved money!!!).  But then I started obsessing over everything she did wondering if it was “normal” or not. #nojoke  I was like, “I think her breathing is weird…how many breaths should a dog take per minute…why is she laying on her side like that…does she normally sleep like that…” So, even though at first I was super stoked to not have to take Z in and was able to save the money, I knew I just had to take her in and get her all checked out just to make 100% sure she was fine.  I mean, she’s my baby girl and I just needed to hear the vet tell me, “Yes. she is good”, and she did! #grateful   So even though it took a chunk outta my budget and finances, it was worth every penny.

On a side note, I totally thought Z was 12 yrs old, but she’s 13! I think in my head I don’t want her to get older so I just stopped making her age at 12…lol.  On another side note, the vet said based on how good Z looked and how healthy she was, she would never guess her to be 13! 

So that’s what’s been going on.  It seems like one event / expense after another.  And I’m not going to lie…it can kinda get kinda tough. I mean, I’m trying to save and still buy supplies I need so these new expenses are not an easy thing to deal with!

But…ya know what…I also find it all kinda really cool.


Because…all these things are things that need to happen before I go. It’s like the universe is saying, “okay, we think it’s awesome you are going on this journey, so before you go, let’s get some junk taking care of…that way when you go, you are safer and more prepared. So get ready; it’s going to suck, but it’s just what you have to go through right now.”  (Yeah, I don’t know why I refer to the universe as “we” ether….lol).


I mean, think about it.  If I am blogging and doing a lot of social media while I’m on the road and then my laptop stops working...that would suck a lot more! And to be able to know now that my tires are apparently crap and I need new ones; that is huge and I can’t even believe I didn’t think about before. I really thought my tires were fine.  Had I not had that flat, I would be setting out to drive all over the US with bad, bald tires.  And, if I didn’t have the flat I wouldn’t have learned that I need more roadside assistance.

And my car registration sticker…yes, it’s another expense, but then I don’t have to worry about it again for a whole year! I would much rather get that done now then try to figure it all out when I’m in another state!  And to know Zero is healthy…well, that was worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

So even though all these things do suck and I would be totally happy if none of them happened, I am so super happy they are happening now. Like, the timing of everything couldn’t be better.  I actually kinda feel like the universes is helping me out a bit. I’m even…dare I say…grateful that these things are happening. Even though it makes things really tight and I’m not really sure how it’s all going to work out, I know it will work out. I have faith that as long as I hustle and work as hard as I can, the universe will be like, “yeah, let’s meet her half way”, and it will be all good. Somehow I will manage to purchase a new laptop, get new tires,  pay for my registration, and handle anything else that will come up. It wont be easy and it wasn’t part of my plan, but I feel it’s all part of my journey.


So next time you have some bad luck, step back, look at the situation, and maybe you can find some good in it all.

Peace 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why Your Bad Luck Could Be Essential

  1. dorothysdesktop

    I get it! To me, these “bad luck” things are signs that the universe agrees with my current path. Letting me know that this is the right season in my life to take this particular journey. Kinda like a bread crumb or an arrow at a fork in the road of life pointing the way. Great attitude 👍


      1. dorothysdesktop

        Your site is beautiful btw. I’m still working on mine. My pages are all jumbled up. Ugh! It is challenging to say the least. I must be on the right path cause the universe is talking loud and clear.


      2. HaHa…yeah, the universe has shouted a few times at me I think! And- thanks for the compliment about my site. Yeah, it can be a little tricky. I have a background in graphic design so a little familiar with all this techy stuff (although it has changed a LOT from when I did this before!). If I can help in anyway just let me know 🙂


      3. dorothysdesktop

        Really?! How ironic! I do need help. I have no idea what I’m doing. Meeting you and your experience in design is yet another sign that I’m on the right path. How do we connect to get the help I need?


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