Even Flat Tires Happen for a Reason

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. (1)

So, if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@terridevore), you know that yesterday I had a flat tire. Yep, sure did.  Luckily for me, I noticed it first thing in the morning when I was still home (so I wasn’t stranded somewhere, thank goodness!)


So what do I do when I have a car problem? I call Honda Roadside Assistance. I call and tell them what’s wrong and they come help me.  It’s been a pretty good system. Well, not this day.  No, it seems that coverage actually expires after a certain amount of miles and/or years after you purchase your car.  Well, I had no idea. I thought it was for as long as you had the car. The lady on the phone told me otherwise.

After figuring out Dante wasn’t covered anymore, she said they could still send someone out but it would be a $75 fee to put the spare on.   That was just to put the spare on…nothing else.  I told her to hold off and let me call back should I decide to do that option.

I started thinking about what options I had (because paying $75 for that just seemed crazy) and my first thought was to text Dylan and see if he had any friends that could come over and do it, so I texted him to ask.  He was at work so he couldn’t reply right away which I think was a good thing.  In that time I was still thinking about options and it hit me- I could do it!

Learning how to change a tire was one of the first things I knew I wanted to learn before heading out.  I mean, I know the jist of how it all works, just haven’t ever gotten in there and actually tried it.  I knew traveling alone, this would be a really good thing to know!

So, with that, I texted Dylan back and told him that if he could just come over (in case I need somebody), I think I want to try to do it by myself.  He said sure and that he was on his way.  #mykidrocks

Now, I’m not going to lie. When I first went back outside and was looking at the flat and realizing all this was going to entail, I did think, “man, I wish a guy was here because that would just be so much easier…” Then I thought, “nope…I can do this and I will do this!”

So I looked up online ‘how to change a flat tire’. #loveGoggle  After that, I grabbed my spare and all the tools out of my trunk and laid everything out.


First step: take lugnuts off. Okay, that doesn’t sound very difficult. Sure. I can do that.  I mean, I have a crowbar thing and I just twist to release the lugnuts…sure..let’s do it.

Lugnuts suck.  Let me just repeat that. Lugnuts suck.  I had the hardest time getting those little buggers off! At first I was using my arms and upper body. Yeah, that was getting me nowhere.  Then I began kicking the crowbar with my foot hoping in any minute that crowbar would move and the lugnuts would budge. #fail My son offered to help but I really wanted to try to do it all myself so I kept working…

The last (and best) method I took on is what I have come to call the “Balance and Bounce” method.  It is pretty much as it sounds. I stand on the crowbar with both feet, hold on to the side of the car and repeatedly bounce up and down (oh what a sight to see!). This was no easy feat and it took probably five minutes at least of performing the Balance and Bounce method on each lugnut before they loosened…and there’s five of them. So, about 25 minutes and a complete cardio workout later, they were all loose! #winning

So then it was time for the jack and making my car go up. Well, I had to get the owners manual out for that one so I knew the right place to position the jack.  I figured out how to put the bar thing in and make a handle so I can raise the jack and it was actually working!   So with Dante in the air, I took all the lugnuts off, then the flat tire. I rolled the flat to my trunk and put it inside.


Time for the spare to be put on. The only thing about this that was kinda annoying was lining up where the lugnuts go. Once it was lined up, lugnuts were put back on (luckily just using my upper body this time), jack was lowered and Dante was back on all fours.

I did it!

I felt so proud afterwards. Like, for real.  I knew I’d be happy but I was feeling really kinda badass.


So this brings me to my point of things happening for a reason.  When I noticed my flat and then told it was going to be $75 fee, I could have let it ruin my morning, ya know? Like the whole hassle of it all is never fun.  Instead it’s as if the universe was like, “Wait, girl…you wanted to learn how to do this…boom…here’s your chance…you’re welcome”.  I mean, I was lucky enough that it was in my driveway and I didn’t have anywhere I had to be so I had the time. And, my kiddo came over to help so I got to see him for a bit. Like it really couldn’t have worked out any better.

And…this was actually perfect timing because I thought my Honda Roadside Assistance was good forever…as long as I had the car. Knowing now that it has expired is way better than learning that on the road. Now I can make arrangements and get more roadside coverage before I head out!

And…. what’s even crazier about the timing of the flat is that in my last post I was just voicing some of my fears and concerns about me going out and being on the road. How I will be alone and if something happens it’s all to me to keep Zero and I safe. It is like the universe is giving me a confidence boost and saying , “Nah, girl, you got this! You are strong and independent and you are going to be just fine.”

So the next time you have a flat or some other set back, just chill and be open…it could end up being a pretty cool thing…and the universe might be trying to teach you something. 🙂


I’d love to know …have you had what you thought was going to be a bad situation but then actually realized something good came from it?  What was it? What did you learn?Leave a comment and share.

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