Yes, I am Going To Live in a Tent (And the Four Reasons I’m Not Crazy)

Yes, you read that headline correctly…when I hit the road with Zero, we will no longer be looking for a pop up camper to travel in…we are tenting it! Now, I know you are probably thinking, “Okay, this really is where she has lost her mind”, but just stay with me here and let me explain. 🙂

First of all, when I say tent, I mean a nice, bigger (8-10 person) tent that I can stand up in and is roomy enough for me and Zero plus extra space.  I’m not looking for a small “backpacker” type tent. It will also be an “insta-tent” so that it takes minimal time and effort setting it up.  Second, even though I will be “roughing it” a little more, I still plan on buying things like a shower tent, small cooktop, chairs, folding table, etc to make my campsite home ,”homey”.

My reasons for choosing this? I have many, but here are the top four…

1. Price

I mean, this one is a no-brainer.  The pop-up campers I have been looking at average anywhere from about $3000-$5500. A tent…$130.  Yes, I need more stuff than just the tent, but even with a complete campsite setup, it will be many thousands of dollars less that the camper. I am aware than I am giving up some things with choosing the tent over the camper, but I am learning that my accommodations aren’t what’s really important to me…it’s the freedom and the adventure.

2. Better Gas Mileage

I was reading a blog about a couple who lives in a hard side travel trailer and at one point, they were getting like 8 miles per gallon…WHA?? Dante gets 33!  Yes, I know we will have stuff loaded and the car will be heavier but still…my little car rocks when it comes to gas mileage and that means a lot of savings per month!

3. Because I’ve Never Done It Before

So for those of you who really know me, you are probably well aware that I am not a camper. I never have been.  My mom tells me we went twice when I was little and I didn’t like it. I don’t even really remember it (maybe I hated it so much I blocked it out of my mind..uh oh! I don’t like bugs, terrified of snakes, and I do like certain comforts. And…that’s why I want to do this! It’s something new- something I have never done before. And, with camping equipment the way it is nowadays, there are a lot more ways to stay comfortable. Yes, I know it will still suck sometimes, but life sucks sometimes no matter where you are…might as well be under the stars!

4. More Freedom- No Messing With Trailer

So with the tent and my gear, we can just pack up and go. Everything Zero and I will need will be in the car with us and that is an exciting thought for me.  Why? Because it means everything I have with me will mean something. It’s either something to help us live (like our gear), or something that really means something to me. I wont have room for junk…clutter…excess…

Also, not having a trailer means less to break down, less to leak, fix, etc. I am sure my tent will have issues but they wont be mechanical…and I can handle that.  I will just have to worry about my car.

And I wont have to worry about backing a trailer up and putting it in the right spot, attaching it, detaching it to my car, hauling it up or down mountains…you get the idea. #lessismore

So those are the main reasons I have come to this decision.  Also,just FYI-  I don’t plan on doing this forever.  I figure I will try it this way for a while, and if I enjoy the nomad kind of lifestyle, I will then upgrade to a pop-up camper or little hard side trailer.  Am I nervous? Heck yeah! Like I said before, I am not a camper. I have no experience at this at all…like none.

An example of how green I am at this…

I was looking at campsites at a park and they said they had no electricity but they did have water. I thought, “oh, that will work…at least I will have water there”. Then I thought, “ it like water out of a tap that I can drink, too, or is it like out of a hose and just for like washing stuff?” Like I have no idea…and that’s what’s kind of fun about it to me…to get to learn all of this new stuff.

 I figure knowledge is power, right? So I am doing research on everything I can. From tips to camping / hiking with your dog, what you need in a first aid kit for me (and one for Zero), what snakes to look out for, how to tell if certain bugs, spiders, snakes are poisonous, what to do if you encounter wild animals, to how to make your campsite safe, etc….everything I can possibly think of, I am trying to learn. I follow blogs, use google, watch YouTube videos of other people who are doing this…any and everything thing to get more knowledge.

Also, even though we will be living in tent, I am not trying to be some crazy survivalist and stay out and rough it no matter what. Like if it’s a bad storm, we will stay in a hotel. Obviously I don’t want to do that too much since I want to keep costs low, but I am totally open to doing that. Or, if I feel unsafe and can’t leave the campsite for whatever reason, worst case scenario we will be sleeping in the car where I can get away fast if we had to. And yes, I have thought about safety and have that all figured out as well, but that will be another post 🙂

So there you have it, the latest update in this crazy journey.  City girl going wild…lol

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That’s all for now…hope you have an awesome day! 🙂

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