Maybe I am Having a Mid-Life Crisis – So What!

Okay, so I have heard the phrase before….”Mid-Life Crisis”….and I heard it agin a couple of days ago on some show I was watching. Well, it struck me and I started thinking…”Is that what this is? Like is that way I want to sell everything and hit the road with me and Zero? Am I having a mid-life crisis?”.

I mean, wanting to sell everything and hit the open road with my dog sounds kind of like it would be classified under that phrase, right?  That’s what people call it when a middle-aged man buys a crazy cool sports car and starts working out.  It seems that label is really put on anyone who is middle-aged and makes a big change in their life.  So maybe I am going through a mid-life crisis.

And that got me thinking…

First of all, who cares?

Second of all I have to take issue with the word “crisis” in that phrase.  To me, it’s not a “crisis” at all…it’s an evolution…a transformation…an awareness…but not a crisis.

For me, I know my tastes and attitude towards things has changed a ton from now to when I was, let’s say, 20 yrs old.  I have gone through phases, different careers, and I would like to think that I am always changing and evolving. So now, that my son is out of the house and I have the chance to live another way, why is it classified as a “crisis” if I want to do so? I mean, I have been on this planet for 43 years and did things one way…why is it so weird or strange that I would like to try another way for a while?

I think we let society write the rules of how we live so much that we sometimes loose track of what we  really want. If it goes against the “norm” then we may be afraid to state our opinion or live how we really want.  You know how nervous I was to say publicly that I want to live in an RV full time? I mean, I don’t even really care what people think of me and I was still nervous to put that out there.  Friends family, people you meet…they will all have an opinion about it and they wont be shy in telling you! (Luckily my mom and son are awesome and support me 100%…well, my son kinda thinks I’m crazy but he’s used to that so he’s cool with it all) .  So I think to make a big change around this time of your life, whatever that change is, yeah, you will be lumped into that “Oh, she’s just having a mid-life- crisis”, group.

I guess I have gone though so many stages and phases in my life that transitioning into another one just seems normal to me.  I have had different careers throughout life from graphic designer, to restaurant manager to personal trainer….for me it is normal to want to see what’s next and what something else would be like. I do find comfort in routine but I find excitement and passion in the unknown.

To me, this isn’t a crisis, but rather an exciting time to try something new. To live life to it’s fullest and to follow my dream. I can’t say if I will live on the road forever…my tastes may change again and I decide I like having “roots”…who knows what the future will hold.  But for now, I know this is what I need to do.

So you can call it a mid-life crisis. But I just call it life.  🙂

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