Cleaning House!

My ultimate goal in life is to live (mostly full time) on the road traveling the US with my dog,  Yes, I know you may think I am crazy but that is what it is and that is what I am working towards.  Anyway, even though it wont be anytime super soon (still have a few things to get in place…not to mention need to save up and buy a travel trailer, etc) I am stating to do small things to get ready now.

One thing is to downsize and get rid of all my junk!  Even though I will be able to keep some things at my mom’s house when I am traveling, I will not have much room at all while actually on the road.  Also, since I plan on being on the road for weeks (or maybe even a few months) at a time, I need to maximize space, get rid of junk that serves no purpose and really REALLY downsize my collection of possessions.

Now, I was able to do some of this when I recently moved.  While packing I tried really hard to only bring the things I really needed- getting rid of a lot of old clothes, shoes, jackets, knick knacks, etc.  However, the closer it came to moving day, the more tired I got and the idea of just throwing everything in a box (instead of going through it all first) became more an more appealing. Annnd…that is why I still have junk.

I also still have junk because it’s hard to get rid of. #truestory

Some stuff is easy. You look at it and just know. Other things (especially clothes) are much more difficult.  Am I right, ladies? Like we hold on to a shirt we have never worn because someday we  “might find the perfect skirt to go with it” so we will just keep it . Shoes I think are the same way…holding on just waiting for that one occasion we can wear them.  Well, enough is enough.

I have given myself the task of going through one closet…and it’s the worst one! Holy cow–  in it I have clothes, shoes, yarn,craft items,  photo albums, old unpacked boxes, stationary, office supplies- you name it!  And to make matters worse, since there is not a place for everything, things just get thrown in there with the intention of going back later and picking them up (which only happens like once a week).

Would you like to see the monstrosity I speak of? Well, here ya go-

Yeah- I told you it was bad…#youwerewarned

Now, I will say this is the worst one. My other closets are really not near this bad so I swear I am not a hoarder or slob…I just have too much junk.

So I gave myself this task of going through this...really going through it. Not going through it where I just try to organize all the crap, but looking at each and every single item and either giving it a place or getting it out.  I’m actually kind of excited about the challenge and curious to see how much stuff I end up with.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not going to be easy.  I just started looking at my clothes and already saw items that I don’t wear, but I love and I know it wont be an easy task to discard those. But- it has to be done. Not just for my sanity, but for my dream of travel and freedom. So, after about an hour I had made some progress…

Obviously better, but still no where near what I want.  In the past, I could clean out my closet in no time- but in the end , I was just “re-organizing” it than really minimizing it. Yes, I would get rid of a few things, but still held on to several.  This time I am really going through and looking at each item and really evaluating it. It really is amazing to me how much “junk” we acquire. Clothes, shoes, handbags, backpacks, gloves, hats, necklaces, rings, bracelets…and that’s just our closets. #holycow

Anyway- I am, by no means even close to the final result with this monster closet.  I have decided to just pick a few things each day to re-evaluate their worth to me. If they are needed, they will stay. If they serve no purpose, they will go.   This is a process and a journey and I am going to take in every minute of it.

So, there you have it.  This blog post really serves no purpose other than holing me accountable and making sure this gets done—annnnd  done in a way that puts me closer to my future reality of being on the road , traveling the US with my bff, Zero. 🙂

PS- I know some tips of getting rid of stuff like asking yourself if you have used the item in the past 6 months and if not, getting rid of it….if you know anymore tips, please share- I need all the help I can get! lol

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